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Odd Taxi

Odd Taxi
Titulo: Odd Taxi
Diretor(es): Kinoshita Baku
Estúdio: OLM, P.I.C.S.
Lançamento: 2021
Tags: MysteryMystery

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Descrição: This town should look familiar, but suddenly, its not. The taxi driver Odokawa lives a very mundane life. He has no family, doesnt really hang out with others, and hes an oddball who is narrow-minded and doesnt talk much. The only people he can call his friends are his doctor, Gouriki and his classmate from high school, Kakibana. All of his patrons seem to be slightly odd themselves. The college student who wants the world to notice him online, Kabasawa. A nurse with secrets named Shirakawa. A comedy duo that just cant catch a break named the Homosapiens. A local hoodlum named Dobu. An idol group thats just starting out named Mystery Kiss... All these mundane conversations somehow eventually lead to a girl whos gone missing.Source: crunchyroll
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