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Mashiro no Oto

Mashiro no Oto
Titulo: Mashiro no Oto
Diretor(es): Akagi Hiroaki
Estúdio: Shin-Ei Animation
Lançamento: 2021
Tags: MusicMusic, Slice of LifeSlice of Life, DramaDrama, SchoolSchool, ShounenShounen

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Descrição: * Based on a music shounen manga by Ragawa Marimo.Shamisen is a traditional Japanese musical instrument that looks similar to a guitar. Teenager Sawamura Setsus grandfather who raised him and his older brother Wakana, recently passed away. His grandfather was one of the greatest Shamisen players and the two siblings grew up listening to him play and learning to play the instrument. Since the grandfathers death, Setsu dropped out of high school, moved to Tokyo and has been drifting, not knowing what to do besides play his Shamisen. Thats when his successful and rich mother, Umeko storms into his life and tries to shape Setsu up.She enrolls him back into high school but little does Setsu know that he is about to rediscover his passion for Shamisen.Source: M-UNote: The first episode received an early web premier on Amazon Prime on April 2. The regular TV broadcast started on April 3.
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